zebra24 (zebra24) wrote in mozilla,

firefox: audio device selection

Multimedia on WEB isn't rare thing today, so my question is:
1) select audio device for web multimeda (for example if there are more than one audio device)
2) control volume (at least I need common for whole browser instance or, even better for tabs)

I hope it will be interesting not only for me.
I need info for firefox and WIN XP. But for other OS and browsers it will be intresting too.

I know, that it is possible in windows XP - this is feature, that I am using sometimes.

For example: in winamp you able to select output device like
(*windows default device
 *mb build-in device
 *additional sound card device (actually here shold be real device names like "Creative SB 24bit" and so on))
Also in Full Screen player I am able to select this too and control volume not for whole system, but for particular application.  For example I am able to control winamp volume and control-strike volume separately. But this is feature, that supported by those programs . So question is about this possibilities for Firefox.
Anyway thank you for your attention.
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