Doctor Science (mecurtin) wrote in mozilla,
Doctor Science

Return of the Son of Memory Leak

I'm running FF 3.6.13 on Vista, and memory is leaking like a sieve. As a test, I disabled EVERY add-on, plug-in, and extension. I went to and just sat there.

When I started at 11:10, FF had about 25M of private working memory. An hour later, it has almost 30M.

Where do I report this? Is there a leak-stop extension somewhere?
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That's not necessarily a memory leak. Firefox does some things in the background periodically, like save your session or check for updates. Google's homepage might be churning away behind the scenes, too. These things naturally consume memory, and the OS can't always reclaim it immediately, even if it's no longer in use.

Are you having significant memory problems when browsing normally with everything disabled?
Yes, I was having problems, all right. A friend suggested AFOM, and it seems to be just the ticket.