Закрытие нескольких вкладок

При закрытии нескольких вкладок: Вкладка - Правая кнопка - Закрыть другие вкладки, - постоянно выскакивает предупреждение, которое со временем очень бесит. Оно появилось в предущей версии Firefox и сохраняется до сих пор.
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Can't open email folder

Hi, I need some help please.

One of the subfolders in Sea Monkey mail seems to have become corrupted. Every time I click on it, Sea Monkey crashes. This has only started happening today and I've changed nothing in my system.

I'm using Sea Monkey 2.13.12 on Mac Os 10.5.8.

There are some important posts in that folder that I need quite urgently. Is there anything I can do that will fix the problem and let me get to the posts?
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Moving emails from one thunderbird to the next

I have located the profile files, but now I am at a loss as to how to do this.

On one computer, I have some emails. On another I have all my old emails. I want to move my old emails over to the new computer. But the directions I have seem a bit unclear on how I can combine the emails from both PCs without overwriting anything that might be important.

I'm using Vista. I just want to combine two email profiles onto one thunderbird.

Unresponsive Scripts - Please HELP

About a week ago, I started getting a hella lot of unresponsive script alerts. They kept coming almost every few seconds so, in annoyance, I turned off the feature that alerts me. Now, however, any activity in a browser stops and is (Not Responding) just as often and the experience lasts for just under 30 seconds every time.

I looked online and the only “fix” was to trick the computer into giving the scripts more time to run before it freezes my PC and gives me another (Not Responding). Which does not actually address the issue of why I keep getting scripts that seem to be unresponsive.

Now, I don't quite know the root cause of the issue. It could be Facebook-related, browser-related, or something wrong with my computer.

At about the time that the troubles started, Facebook made some changes to its apps, particularly relating to Adobe Flash programs, and that may be the cause of the matter. I also learned that I am not the only one having this problem as many of my Facebook friends are experiencing similar problems and on other browsers.

This leads me to believe that it is either something connected to Facebook or that whatever program I use to run scripts is responsible.

Therefore, it seems that my best course of action would be to reinstall whatever program I am using to run my scripts. Yet, I thought I would check with you guys to see if you know anything about this that could help.

This problem started up about a week ago, and up until that time, everything worked alright.

I use Windows Vista and Firefox is my preferred browser, although I have noticed problems when working with IE and Chrome. I have also tried to reinstall Adobe Flash with no improvement.

So, should I reinstall whatever program that I am using to run scripts and if so, how should I go about doing that? Or do you suggest something else?
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The latest version of keyscrambler personal (free version) doesn't play well with beef TACO, preventing login to basic sites, e.g. gmail. This user opted to uninstall TACO and reinstall keyscrambler, test machine runs WinXP SP3 and Firefox 4.0.1

relevant links
beef TACO
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(no subject)

Uh. My Firefox doesn't want to work with the standard Win7 system dialogs anymore - like, Open... or Save as... It just freezes and ignores any buttons I press (including those in the upper right corners of the windows). Doesn't even properly display the dialogs - leaves the field in the right blank, or doesn't show the header and the bookmarks in the left.
Oh, and it gobbles up 50% of my CPU as long as it's working, whether I'm using said dialogs or not.
Said dialogs also work fine in other browsers, and other dialogs work fine in Firefox.

It seems to me that that happened after installing the two new minor releases.

Anyone with similar problems? Maybe any ideas on how to handle it, except for turning off plugins until that stops?
I've googled, and the only advice related I've found so far is clearing the downloads list. Of course, didn't help.
I'm going with disabling plugins some time later, but I have a bunch of open tabs to save and reopen each time, so if there's any way around that, please help me find it.

UPD: AutoPager is to blame, surprisingly enough.
I will delete the post, if needed.
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Return of the Son of Memory Leak

I'm running FF 3.6.13 on Vista, and memory is leaking like a sieve. As a test, I disabled EVERY add-on, plug-in, and extension. I went to and just sat there.

When I started at 11:10, FF had about 25M of private working memory. An hour later, it has almost 30M.

Where do I report this? Is there a leak-stop extension somewhere?

Sea Monkey help

I tried to join an online conference using Sea Monkey (the latest version) and something in it crashed Sea Monkey. I am using a Mac with Mac Os 10.5.8. Every time I try to restart Sea Monkey it goes straight to the page that crashed it and thus crashes again before I can do anything. I've tried restarting but it has no affect.

Does anyone know how I can get out of this. Is there a file lurking somewhere that I can ditch that will stop Sea Monkey going straight to that page?

Edit: I've now realised that it must be something else that is crashing it as when I try to start Firefox it also crashes. Any ideas?

Spellcheck lists...

I am looking for lists of common words, slang terms, etc. to add to my personal spell check dictionary in FireFox, while it works for most things, common internet words, slang, and abbreviations get flagged as being wrong and I would like to find a list I can just drop into the persdict.DAT file instead of adding each word individually as it comes up in daily use...

Does anybody know of someplace I could find such a list???
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