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Tuesday, August 20th, 2002

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Animated favicons, or am I dreaming?
I'm sure you all know that .ico files can be used to create a shortcut icon for your webpages, and I'm sure you all know that they can be animated? You didn't? Neither did I. If you want to see an example of one of these animated favicons, go here. Be sure to open the link in a new tab; so that you'll see the favicon animate in the tab as well. Didn't catch it animate the first time? The animation will recycle if you click on the favicon, and then cancel the "add bookmark" dialog that results from the click.

I'm not sure how the animation itself was produced (yeah, I know how to set a favicon), and any hints for actually making an animated favicon would be greatly appreciated. Is the animation stored in the .ico or is it a gif?

Current Mood: curious

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