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Mozilla: Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, and the suite
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Thursday, August 29th, 2002

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Wow, I never thought Mozy could do that...

Okay, so it's not the world's most groundbreaking feature, and it makes sense in context, but nevertheless I like it. If you're browsing in tabbed mode, and come across a link in the text - eg: http://www.mozilla.org/ - you can highlight the actual text, drag it up to the tab-bar, and drop it, and the link opens in a new tab, which is great when I'm browsing the pages of my less HTML-initiated friends. It even works with text dragged from other sources. I knew this worked in older browsers with new windows, and in frames, and logically I should have tried it, but in all honesty I never thought about using drag-and-drop with tabs.


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Let's welcome our new AOL brothers-in-arms...
Not quite so-old news: Members of AOL who use the latest AOL browser from MacOS-10.1 or greater are actually using Gecko for their rendering engine (see item 2). Since this browser identifies itself as Gecko/AOL; we should welcome our new brothers in arms. Always be at the ready to help an AOL user write an e-mail to a site that is incorrectly identifying their browser by pointing the site admin to the Netscape Gecko Compatibility Handbook. Remind such offending sites that as AOL continues to upgrade their subscriber base to Gecko; offending sites could gradually lose customers unless they correctly identify and support Gecko. Also emphasize that pure standards support will in no way break compatibility with new version of IE.


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