September 6th, 2002

It's All Good
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Has anyone else played with Phoenix yet? It was mentioned on MozillaZine yesterday.

I think it's pretty nifty, as it's more lightweight than Seamonkey. It uses native widgets in XUL dialogs, and it's got more customizable toolbar buttons.
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Consider this post a defacto advert... (LiveLizard)

I'm experimenting with LiveLizard which although it is minorly annoying in places, is shaping up to be a nice Mozilla based LJ client. Certainly good enough for those, who like me, limit themselves to the web client for posting. I tried LiveLizard, back in the early days, but really didn't see the point. Now, I do, but I'll still refrain from using it for a few more revisions; maybe after they finish the link insert on the HTML editor?

Anyone, who is interested in trying out LiveLizard (it isn't really finished), click on the link above, then click the link under "current version". Confirm that you want to install the software, and when the installation completes; quit and restart Mozy. Under the "Tools" menu, you will find a "LiveLizard" entry - click on it and see a rather simple posting interface. Enjoy.

Posted with Livelizard

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