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Mozilla: Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, and the suite
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Friday, November 29th, 2002

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Mozilla 1.2 (fer real, not beta)
Well, the new Mozilla was out just before Turkey Day, yada-yada, and I've installed the Linux version. And yes, I hereby retract all my previous complaints. This release is damned good. Anyone got a report on a Windows or Mac or other 'nix install? Any fave features or improvements in this edition?


(the CSS2 does have an absolute positioning bug, though a minor and infrequent, and merely annoying one - some absolute positioning will be shifted left or right.)

Update: Mozilla 1.2 was pulled for "DHTML" errors (my paranthetical, above). There are apologies all over the Mozilla homepage, but they suggest waiting a week for the 1.2.1 release.

Current Mood: sorta rockin' (was: rocking)

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