January 20th, 2009

Sokka Suckin

Cookies help

My Firefox recently, yesterday, shit itself and refuses to store my cookies. It deleted all my cookies for staying logged into websites, all my blogs and e-mail sites, etc. I put them in and when I close and reopen the browser they are forgotten.
Here are the details:

-I'm running FF3 on Windows XP Home. I've had M3 for months now.
-Recently I installed WeatherWatcherLive and Peer Guardian2. I have since uninstalled PeerGuardian2 and restarted the system to no avail.

-I logged on yesterday to find all my sites had logged me off, but the saved passwords and saved form data I had for them were still there.
-The settings are still the same, 'keep cookies until they expire' when I close FF and open it again all the cookies are gone.

-I have attempted to click all the "keep me logged in" options but they did nothing. In fact, I'm looking at the page info for my yahoo and it's telling me that I haven't visited the page before today, when I just signed in 4 minutes ago and then closed the browser.

-I looked it up and tried to recover a lost profile; that failed. Then I tried starting in Safe Mode and tell it to begin with original settings; that failed too.

I'm hoping something can be done short of a clean reinstall.
Help please, if you can.