September 18th, 2009

Windmill # 5

Help with new Mozilla?

I needed a new school program that requires IE, which I long ago took off my computer. The school IT guy said he'd put it on. To do so, he took Mozilla OFF!

When I demanded that it be replaced, he could only download 3.5.3. I had not upgraded from 2.something; I was quite happy with that version. Now, I'm going crazy. Right now, two specific problems.

The biggie is my menu bar. In Mozilla 2-whatever, the URLs I loaded stayed in the same place all the time. If I loaded in a certain order, I knew to look for personal stuff at the top, fanfiction in the middle, and business stuff at the bottom.

Now, my menu bar seems to have no rhyme or reason. It doesn't leave my URLs in one place. But it also does not move most-recently-used to the top, as IE does/used to. (Haven't used it in two years; not sure what it does now.) Nor does it align the URLs in alphabetical order.

In other words, when I look for a URL, I have no idea where it will be in the list, which is a great time-waster. Is there any way I can stabilize this? URLs staying where I put them is my preference, but alphabetical would be acceptable.

Second problem, not so big, but irritating. At the right edge of the toolbar is a window that shows various search engines. I don't want it. I was able to delete all the search engines except Wikipedia; it won't go. I managed to move the separation line over until the search window is very small, but I would like it gone. Under 'Customize Toolbar', it says 'You can add or remove items by dragging to or from the toolbars'. But it won't let me remove that search window, or the 'home' icon, which I also don't want.

Can anyone help? Thanks so much.

(PS if there's a way to take off 3.5.3 and put back 2.anything, I'd really appreciate some directions. Thanks again.)