Kent (verszou) wrote in mozilla,

Moving the Firefox user data ?

Got into a bit of a silly situation at with the client I'm working with. I installed Firefox on my workstation since they apparently do nothing with their IE setup to prevent spyware and stuff.

But right away I got a warning that I was now exceeding my storage limit for my user profile.

It turns out that they somehow backup the data in my user directory on NT in \winnt\profiles\myuserid, and because of that they've set a limit that it must not exceed 10 mb... weird corporate rule, but being a consultant mine is not to reason why in this case :-)

So, is there any way to change where Firefox looks for all the stuff like application data? I tried to look at the settings, but couldn't find any. I just want to point it somewhere else on the disk - I don't care if I should loose my setup or bookmarks - I'm only at this client for a number of months, I just want a less annoying browsing experience :-)
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