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Firefox extensions I use - and other info

Since Mozilla Suite is no longer being developed, and Firefox is where everything is going, I decided it was time for me to make the jump. In the process I picked up a number of extensions and thought I'd document them in one place.

Adblock - like the name says
Add Bookmark Here - improved bookmarking
AniDisable - control animated gifs
Bookmarks Synchronizer
BugMeNot - easy link to BugMeNot
Checky - links to validation services for XHTML, XML, CSS, etc.
ChromEdit - profile editor
ColorZilla - allows you to pick up a color from any element in the browser
Disable Targets For Downloads - prevents empty windows/tabs when you click a binary link
EditCSS - make realtime tweaks to a pages CSS
FirefoxView - adds a link to IE to open page in FF
FoxyTunes - control your media player (iTunes, WinAmp, etc) from the browser chrome
Html Validator (based on Tidy) - validate HTML right in the browser, locally
I must not fear! - OK, so this just adds the line from Dune to the Tools menu. I like it. ;-)
ieview - open the current page in ie, useful for development testing
Image Zoom - pretty much what it sounds like
JavaScript Debugger - what it says
Linkification - makes plaintext URLs links
Linky - adds options for handling links
ListZilla - generates a list of your installed extensions (wish I'd found this first...)
LiveHTTPHeaders - let's you look at the headers
Longdesc - let's you view the longdesc attribute on images
miniT (drag+indicator) - drag tabs to reorder
Nuke Anything - temporarily drop any object from a page
Plain Text Links - makes plain text links clickable
Preferential - advanced preferences editor
SessionSaver - saving session, even through a crash
Tabbrowser Preferences - provides a UI for editing hidden tab preferences
TinyUrl Creator - easily create a TinyURL from the current page
Tweak Network Settings - allows editing network settings
User Agent Switcher - lets you mimic other user agents
View Cookies - adds a tab to Page Info showing the cookies set by the page
Web Developer - adds a toolbar with web development tools

Anyone want to suggest something I should check out that I missed?

I also find this most useful - there are UIs in Firefox that aren't accessible. The chrome is there from the Suite, but the 'simplified' UI of FF has removed the links to the sub-elements:

For example: chrome://pippki/content/pref-ssl.xul - which also brings you here: chrome://pippki/content/pref-ciphers.xul - I like to disable weak ciphers.
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