The Lone Penman (rayne_vandunem) wrote in mozilla,
The Lone Penman

Livejournal and Firefox Compatibility


In regards to the announcement that Blogger/Blogspot, one of the Big 3 Blogging services (alongside both Xanga and our own Livejournal), was created by its developers using Mozilla Firefox, and that Firefox is recommended by the same for viewing the content on all pages within the Blogger domain, I have wondered about Livejournal's place in all this.

Frankly, while Livejournal hasn't given me much of any problems as a Firefox user, I'm worried about how Livejournal was built, and if the content on here is all totally compatible with this increasingly-present web browser.

I mean, yes, the code for Livejournal is filed under one of those GNU-GPLs we keep hearing about. However, even if that's the case, the slightest notion of Livejournal's hypothetical Firefox incompatibility will have alot of us LJers wondering about our future here.

Hopefully, such isn't the case. Hopefully, its not a matter of one browser getting better treatment over, or at the expense of, another browser.
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