the eighteenth letter of the alphabet (roannaweenie) wrote in mozilla,
the eighteenth letter of the alphabet

help please? :)

Feel free to delete if this isn't allowed. If this problem has already been solved, could I have a link to the solution?

Hello everyone, I installed Firefox a couple of months ago without administrator privileges (thanks to this tutorial). It functioned beautifully for a few months but out of nowhere, I recently came across a few problems.

1. My Firefox pop-up blocker is on, but I keep getting random pop-ups from time to time. I already did a virus scan, uninstalled/reinstalled Firefox, and deleted old versions of Firefox, but it didn't do anything.

2. Firefox won't load certain pages completely: such as my LJ friends list, my tumblr dashboard, facebook, list of youtube comments, etc. It says it's finished loading but only 3/4 of the page shows up, and I can't scroll further. It's quite annoying.


(entry content/usernames censored for the privacy of the LJ user).

In the image, you can see I can't scroll any further, but my entire friends list page won't load (plus the link to view previous entries isn't visible).

Is there any way to fix this problem without the need for administrator rights? I already tried to find out the admin password, but nothing worked.

Thank you! :)
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1. Flash still has the ability to open popup windows. There are also a few sites out there that use "onClick" action events to open the popup window.

For the first group, I suggest using flashblock

The second group, you really can't do anything about it.

2. Dunno quite what would be causing that. I just looked at the page and it loaded fine for me.
You seems to use custom style for LJ, so perhaps asking about this issue to the author of this style will help you to solve the problems regard with LJ.

and if you are not tired enough to ask question, try Mozillazine too. After all, That is the best place to ask question regards with product from Mozilla.
and don't forget to give them version for your Firefox. It seems 3.x, but I'm not sure it's 3.0 or 3.5. and there are huge differences between these version.