neuromancer (n3uromanc3r) wrote in mozilla,

rendering problem

My Firefox updated to version 3.5.5 and now the LJ entry view looks strange, missing pictures plus the horrible Times New Roman font.
On my portal page everything looks fine [], but to have the usual style by the entries I must switch to IE view:

page rendered by ff engine
page rendered by ie engine

On my old PC I have a previous version of Firefox and everything is ok there.
What can I do to solve it without switching to ie view? Is it possible they will fix it in the next firefox update?

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You have Ad Block Plus running - it's filtering out things based on existing rules. Adjust accordingly.
BTW, when rendering in IE mode, it ignores ABP.
ok, but yesterday I also had ABP and everything was fine. the only change I did is the firefox update.

with disabled ABP

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You might try downloading the full Firefox installation...and then re-install Firefox...Maybe something just went wrong on your update that could be cleared up with a fresh install.
I'll try it, thank you!
I didn't do the installation yet, but now after on my PC at my workplace Firefox updated to 3.5.5 without problems despite I have here the same add-ons, I will do it as soon as possible!

Thanks again! :D