chumducky (chumducky) wrote in mozilla,

Mozilla bug? Fedora bug? Or PEBKAC?

The following was observed under Firefox 3.5.8, Fedora Core Linux. While coding a form, I created the following attached CSS rule:

<style type="text/css">
p.explain textarea,input,select { margin-left:6em; }

applied against the following (name= is obfuscated):

<p class="explain">(text here)<br/>
<input type="text" value="" name="sb" /></p>
<p class="explain">(text here)<br/>
<select name="mya">
<option value="1">Fake</option>
<p class="explain">(text here)<br/>
<textarea style="width: 50%;" name="orca"></textarea>

The result should have been textarea, input, and select elements indented by 6em.

Instead only input and select were indented. When I changed the rule to:

p.explain  input,select,textarea

only select and textarea were indented.

It seems that no matter the tag order, the first comma 'd term is not indented.

Am I just blind? Missing a CSS rule? Not seeing an obvious PEBKAC?

Is this a grade bug (I suck at searching Bugzilla), which should be filed with them,  or something I should report to the Fedora project and let them push it upstream? Or pull a fix downstream for that matter?
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