squinting_kitty (squinting_kitty) wrote in mozilla,

New tab --> Opening adjacent now instead of at the end of tabs

Alright, I've noticed since the most recent update of Firefox (current version: 3.6.2) the following behavior with new tabs:

If I open a new tab from a current tab, Firefox places the new tab immediately adjacent to my current tab instead of at the end of all currently open tabs. So if I have 3 tabs currently open, click a link in tab 1, it places the new tab immediately after tab 1 instead of after tab 3. It used to place any new tab at the end of all currently open tabs (e.g. after tab 3).

I want to know if there is any way to change it back to what it used to be: I want any new tab to open at the end of all currently open tabs. It's what I'm used to, so when I'm searching for a new tab that I just created, I find myself clicking on the last tab instead of, say, the second tab to find my new tab. It's annoying, especially if you have quite a few tabs open and right click to "open link in new tab" from one of the tabs in the middle.

I have looked through Firefox's options, including on the Tabs page, and I cannot find an option to change this. Any pointers would be great.

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