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New tab --> Opening adjacent now instead of at the end of tabs

Alright, I've noticed since the most recent update of Firefox (current version: 3.6.2) the following behavior with new tabs:

If I open a new tab from a current tab, Firefox places the new tab immediately adjacent to my current tab instead of at the end of all currently open tabs. So if I have 3 tabs currently open, click a link in tab 1, it places the new tab immediately after tab 1 instead of after tab 3. It used to place any new tab at the end of all currently open tabs (e.g. after tab 3).

I want to know if there is any way to change it back to what it used to be: I want any new tab to open at the end of all currently open tabs. It's what I'm used to, so when I'm searching for a new tab that I just created, I find myself clicking on the last tab instead of, say, the second tab to find my new tab. It's annoying, especially if you have quite a few tabs open and right click to "open link in new tab" from one of the tabs in the middle.

I have looked through Firefox's options, including on the Tabs page, and I cannot find an option to change this. Any pointers would be great.


Transferring FireFox Bookmarks

I want to retrieve my old bookmarks and place them on my new PC. Problem is, I can't just log into the old PC. I have to log in via a separate hard drive then access my old files that way.

Meaning that the most logical method would be to just locate the file with all my bookmarks and copy and paste it to my new bookmarks file on the new PC.

Does that make sense?

EDIT: I guess it can't be done because Mozilla wants to avoid bookmark theft or something. If I can't log on to the computer properly, then I can't steal the files.

Mozilla bug? Fedora bug? Or PEBKAC?

The following was observed under Firefox 3.5.8, Fedora Core Linux. While coding a form, I created the following attached CSS rule:

<style type="text/css">
p.explain textarea,input,select { margin-left:6em; }

applied against the following (name= is obfuscated):

<p class="explain">(text here)<br/>
<input type="text" value="" name="sb" /></p>
<p class="explain">(text here)<br/>
<select name="mya">
<option value="1">Fake</option>
<p class="explain">(text here)<br/>
<textarea style="width: 50%;" name="orca"></textarea>

The result should have been textarea, input, and select elements indented by 6em.

Instead only input and select were indented. When I changed the rule to:

p.explain  input,select,textarea

only select and textarea were indented.

It seems that no matter the tag order, the first comma 'd term is not indented.

Am I just blind? Missing a CSS rule? Not seeing an obvious PEBKAC?

Is this a grade bug (I suck at searching Bugzilla), which should be filed with them,  or something I should report to the Fedora project and let them push it upstream? Or pull a fix downstream for that matter?

Cursor disappearance

I found some articles regarding a cursor disappearance bug in Firefox, but my problem seems to be different. It's not so much that my curos disappears, but it resets itself away from a text box. So I will click on a text box, but when the page is done loading it will remove itself. Meanwhile, I'll be looking down and typing only to look up after hitting backspace to find that Firefox has interpreted my backspace to mean "go back a page!"

This seems to be a recent problem, maybe linked to the latest update. I'm using 3.5.6 right now. Any help would be appreciated.
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Bookmark Toolbar not displaying

So I've had no issues with firefox up until last night. After FF crashed on me and I rebooted the program i noticed the bookmark toolbar is gone! It's a grey area where all my bookmarks used to me.

I've upgraded to the most recent FF, cleared the cache but to no avail. Restarted my mac and that didn't fix the problem either.

I do have the bookmarks on the side, yet i don't know why they aren't displaying on the top.

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rendering problem

My Firefox updated to version 3.5.5 and now the LJ entry view looks strange, missing pictures plus the horrible Times New Roman font.
On my portal page everything looks fine [], but to have the usual style by the entries I must switch to IE view:

page rendered by ff engine
page rendered by ie engine

On my old PC I have a previous version of Firefox and everything is ok there.
What can I do to solve it without switching to ie view? Is it possible they will fix it in the next firefox update?